Taken by the Con

By: C.J. Miller

A sexy scammer is determined to steal an FBI agent’s heart

Her new partner in crime-fighting makes Lucia Huntington uncomfortably hot. To catch an embezzler, the beautiful FBI agent must work with ex-con Cash Stone…although they couldn’t be more different. Career-driven Lucia lives by the rules, while devilishly charming Cash gleefully bends them.

Unbeknownst to Lucia, Cash once did wrong for the right reason—his ailing son. Now he claims he’s working for the FBI to go on the straight and narrow. But as the case turns dangerous with deadly attacks, Lucia questions her trust in Cash. He’s reliable and protective, making her yearn for the passionate bond that’s always eluded her. But is their entire relationship one big con?

Cash frowned at her. “I can’t pay you a compliment?”

“You won’t win me over with flattery.”

“Flattery implies I’m lying.”

He had moved closer to her. “Aren’t you always?” She wasn’t threatened by the closeness. She would stand her ground and make him move first.

“I wasn’t lying. You know you’re gorgeous. Every man and woman on the team thinks so. I’m the only one bold enough to say it to your face.”

She scoffed. “You can’t possibly know what everyone else is thinking about me.”

“Again, I have a talent for reading people. When people look at you, they have the same interest in their eyes that I have. You’re so beautiful they need to look for an extra few seconds to take it all in. But unlike most of the people on our team, I plan to do something about it.”

“What is it you’re planning to do?” she asked, unable to help herself.

“I’ll win you over and make you forget how much you dislike me. Once that’s out of the way, you’ll see that I have a great many talents you may enjoy.”


Dear Reader,

This book was inspired by the concept of a gray character, a man who has a speckled past, who is neither good nor bad, who means well, but who makes questionable decisions.

Cash is a criminal with a heart of gold, a con man with a good cause. Recently released from prison, he’s been given the opportunity to work for the FBI. He’s a man who desperately needs this second chance, and despite his cavalier attitude, he is determined not to let it slip away.

Lucia first appeared in Under the Sheik’s Protection. She’s thorough, smart and savvy. The straitlaced FBI agent is rankled that she has been assigned to be Cash’s partner. But like Cash, she is also looking to escape her past and be taken seriously in the Bureau. But Cash being his charming self won’t make it easy for Lucia to stay on the straight and narrow.

I love stories that celebrate new beginnings, leaving behind the mistakes of the past and moving forward into a brighter future. Everyone deserves a shot at happily ever after.


C.J. Miller


Chapter 1

Lucia Huntington peeled off her blue-and-white-pinstriped blouse and dropped it in her dry-cleaning bag. She’d spilled coffee down the front of her shirt at her morning meeting, the first in a series of bungles that had lined her day.

At least the day was over, paperwork filed and everyone’s notes reviewed and approved. After she returned her mother’s phone call, she’d have a few hours to sleep before she did it all again tomorrow.

A knock sounded on her door. Lucia hadn’t buzzed anyone into the building, but her neighbor Audrey from across the hall periodically stopped by before she went out for the night. Audrey had a great sense of humor and would provide some comic relief after Lucia’s dreadful day. On her way to the door, Lucia took another sip from the glass of wine she had been drinking.

Looking through the peephole and seeing David “Cash” Stone’s face stirred several emotions, primary among them anxiety. Ever since he strode into her morning meeting with his cocky swagger and dark hair, captivating sapphire eyes and buff shoulders, Lucia had been controlling her libido’s overreaction. Sexy with a hint of danger, everything about him screamed warnings. He was a take-no-prisoners kind of man. If she gave him an inch, he would take a mile.

Her workday was over and that meant she didn’t have to deal with him. This was her turf.

Another tap sounded on the door. “Come on, Lucia. I know you’re home.”

Not willing to hide in her condo like a coward and wait for him to leave, Lucia grabbed a coat off the coatrack and pulled it on over her bra. She wasn’t a love-struck teenager and she was in control of her hormones. Composing herself, she pulled open the door and met Cash’s steely stare. It was as if he was seeing right through her cool facade to the part of her that was panting and restless just looking at him.

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