Undercover Soldier

By: Linda O. Johnston

Her long-lost hero, back from the grave

Computer tech—and expert hacker—Sherra Alexander doesn’t give up easily. Yet her dig into military records has placed her under federal scrutiny. In too deep, she knows anything can happen. What she doesn’t anticipate is finding her presumed-dead ex-lover, army lieutenant Brody McAndrews, alive and in her apartment.

On a covert mission to uncover the truth behind a suspicious explosion that killed a comrade with a similar name, Brody must stop Sherra’s research—and protect her. The only way to do that is to keep her extremely close, whether she likes it or not. As a battle of wills brings on the passion in full force, an unknown threat zeroes in, determined to silence them both—permanently.

Instead of having Sherra arrested, Brody would be better off ensuring that she kept quiet while this mission continued, or his undercover identity would be put even more at risk.

But her digging so far, even if caught only by the good guys—which was doubtful—had potential consequences far beyond Brody’s own health. Especially for the lovely Sherra.

He couldn’t help thinking about last night. Having her in his arms again.

Making love with her.

His body started to react. If he could have, he would have taken a cold shower right there. Instead, he did the next best thing.

He focused on the danger she had put them all in. Put herself in.

No matter. Despite his anger with what she’d done, he would keep her safe while he got things turned around so he could get back to work—and get his real job finished.

Dear Reader,

Some mysteries are meant to be solved. Others aren’t.

The background of Undercover Soldier is very loosely based on a mystery in my own life that will never get solved. I’ve stopped looking for a solution. But that doesn’t keep my imagination from working on it....

I hope you enjoy Undercover Soldier. It’s my first Harlequin Romantic Suspense! Please come visit me at my website, www.LindaOJohnston.com, and at my blog, KillerHobbies.blogspot.com.

And, yes, I’m on Facebook, too.

Linda O. Johnston

Chapter 1

Would she figure it out tonight?

Unlikely. She’d tried before. But at least here, at home, Sherra Alexander had no distractions as she did at work. Which was a good thing, considering the nonstandard way she was conducting her research.

Unlocking the door to her condo, she hurried down the dimly lit hallway to her kitchen. She’d bought dinner on her way home to avoid taking time to prepare anything. For the moment, she placed the paper bag containing her food on the small table in the room’s center.

Her thoughts remained on the information she’d unearthed that day. This wasn’t the first time she had found anomalies, but they were getting odder. More interesting. More puzzling.

What did they really mean?

As she inhaled the aroma of the turkey burger in the bag, her stomach rumbled. She had worked straight through lunch. She was hungry.

And exhausted.

She’d rest soon. But not yet. For now, she put her handbag onto the seat of a chair, hung her suit jacket on the back and stepped out of her uncomfortable spike-heeled shoes. She sighed as her bare feet rested solidly on the warm linoleum floor.

She prepared to grab a small glass of white wine and take it, along with her dinner, into her office so she could get back to her mission at her computer. But—

She inhaled rapidly and froze. What was that?

She had heard a sound. From somewhere in her apartment?

Holding her breath, she listened. But all she heard now were muted voices from downstairs—her neighbor’s two kids, squabbling as usual.

She shook her head. She was just tired. Drained. That happened a lot, thanks to the intensity of her work as an information technology expert for CMHealthfoods, one of the most successful manufacturers of wholegrain breads and cereals. For more than eight hours a day, she searched global databases for information on products, inventory and sales that affected both her company and its competitors. She usually loved it, basked in her daily successes, made it clear to her bosses that she’d take on the most complex assignments.

But right now her personal online search absorbed her even more. Worse, it was triggering her imagination—wasn’t it?

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