Unbridled and Untangled:The Double Rider Men's Club 8

By: Elle Saint James

The Double Rider Men’s Club 8

Chapter One

Olivia Stanton pasted a smile on her face and sauntered past several men at the preparty for the annual Double Rider Men’s Club event. Before making it all the way across the room, she paused midstep and grabbed her cousin, Laurel’s, arm for support. “I don’t know if I can do this.”

“Why not?”

“Having sex with a stranger is a wild, crazy antic. Having sex with two of them—at the same time, I might add—is just plain crazy.”

“Pull that stick out of your butt and relax,” Laurel said hotly. “Don’t be so picky. Go mingle and see if any of the pairs of men in the room turn you on. They’re all rich ranchers. Surely you at least have money in common.”

Olivia snorted inelegantly. “Rich Ranchers? Really? I guess we know why you’re here then, don’t we?”

The sudden grin splitting Laurel’s face said she didn’t deny it. “Whatever. Try to pull a cowboy fantasy out of your tight, proper ass and have a little fun for once in your life. That’s why you’re here isn’t it? To let your hair down, relax, and have a good time with a couple of men you’ll never see again. These men are the rare kind who know how to pleasure women, but won’t pressure you or chase after you for your money.”

“I suppose so. Although money aside, talking about sleeping with a couple of rowdy cowboys and facing a crowd of men expecting you to put out times two are very distinct things.”

“Don’t think about later on. Nothing will happen tonight anyway, unless you instigate it. Just go talk to a few of the men here and get to know them. And, again, they are not rowdy cowboys. This isn’t the Wild West anymore. The men here are all very nice and gentlemanly.” She paused and then added, “Well, they’re gentlemanly, until they get you alone in a bedroom, then all bets are off. That’s also up to you. Go try to have some fun.”

Laurel imparted that sinful little tidbit and then left Olivia all alone to pursue her own pair of rich ranchers. They were here as guests for a weekend-long romp on the wild side at the annual Double Rider Men’s Club event. Even the name of the club made a riot of sensation drive down her spine into her needy pussy. She was hot for sex, but admittedly picky where men were concerned. This weekend was about letting go with strangers. She hoped that would help.

Shit. Olivia couldn’t select or keep one man happy. The sudden thought of two men telling her she was frigid and hard to satisfy made her rethink this sexy weekend party.

Laurel Stanton was her only female cousin, and they’d recently become close after years apart. Not long ago, Olivia had complained about her lackluster, nearly nonexistent love life, and before she could say the words “road trip,” Laurel had invited her out to this wicked weekend party sponsored by this ultraexclusive Colorado men’s club.

Titillated in the extreme at the idea of sex with two men at the same time, Olivia had, in fact, been looking forward to this event for quite a while. Some of the pressure was off when you clearly understood the way this men’s club operated. She tried to remember this as she glanced across the room at all the pairs of men looking for a woman to fuck for the weekend.

This was nothing more than a blind date of sorts with two men. Sex was definitely included if she wanted to give this unbridled lifestyle a try. But it was clearly understood she wasn’t under any pressure if she decided she didn’t want to engage. Or if she changed her mind. At least she had until this initial get-to-know-you party to decide whether to participate or not.

Calculating the ratio of women to pairs of men in the room, Olivia figured there were going to be several women without dates tonight. She took a deep, silent breath and pushed it out slowly. What did she have to lose? Nothing. She wanted to be one of the chosen. She wanted to try two men. She wanted to take part in this wicked sexual free-for-all, even though attack butterflies had taken residence in her stomach since the moment she’d arrived. The imaginary frenzy of fluttering wings continued to dive-bomb her insides. She chalked it up to nerves and pressed forward.

A tray of champagne circulated, held by a tuxedoed member of the waitstaff. She snagged a glass to calm her nerves when offered. Expecting to gag down something barely drinkable, she was surprised by the first delicious sip. The champagne was definitely high-end, and not the cheap booze she’d expected.

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