Maid for Majesty:Black Swan

By: A. J. Phoenix

Maid for Majesty

Book Three of the Maid for Majesty Series By A J Phoenix

To every phoenix


I’m grateful to the following people for their encouragement and support: To my husband, James, for giving me time to write the world of Maid for Majesty, looking after the little ones, and for the first edits.

To my family and friends who tolerated me as I lived in my own little world.

To CB, thank you for all the words of wisdom and telling me like it is.

To J.M. Frey for all the advice.

To all my Majesties for believing in me.

Chapter 1

Stolen Ship

Susanna Bathory rolled her eyes at the man lying next to her. He wasn’t what she had hoped for. He was disappointing on many levels. She slinked off her bed and walked over to the large porthole window and watched the English Channel waves pass by. She hated her room. Prince Carlos was territorial and had taken over the Captain’s lodgings. He isn’t a gentleman. By the end of this short voyage, I’ll have to kick him out of there, she thought.

She imagined by now, Alex had found out that she had escaped with Carlos and the Duke of Axford’s ship. Not that it mattered. With the head start she and the crew had there was no way Alex could get a message or ships out in time to catch them before they reached Santander. Especially since she and a few of her father’s supporters destroyed some of the semaphore towers from London to Portsmouth.

She looked over at the man laying on her bed. “You can go now,” she said abruptly.

“But-” he stopped confused. She had invited him there. He’d spent the last hour giving into every one of her requests.

She gave him a look of disgust that made him feel foolish.

“Out,” she said in a flat tone.

“I thought we were going to-” he paused. He was sure this would eventually lead to his pleasure as well.

She laughed derisively, “We? Who said this is a ‘we’ situation. It’s a ‘me’ situation. You’re here to please me. I’m done with you now. Off you go,” she said shooing him with her hand.

Shocked, he said nothing. He stood up and discreetly began putting his clothes back on. She watched him as he did. He felt hot as her eyes burned onto his skin. When he finished, he rushed out.

“Such a shame when they look so heavenly but don’t work divinely,” she whispered to herself.

She fixed herself up and headed out of her room, but the waves tossed the ship. She grasped the doorframe, stabling herself to her feet.

Prince Carlos was waiting in the hall leaning against a beam.

“Another one? Or did this one not meet your standards?” He crossed his arms over his chest, “I thought you were a Princess. Oh wait, technically you aren’t, are you? You never were. My father told me King Charles stripped your family of those titles.”

A sarcastic smile spread across her face, “I understand. It must be difficult to be on a ship with a bunch of men, and the only enjoyment you can get is standing next to my door, listening … fantasizing.” She leaned towards him and whispered in his ear, “I suppose you’re going to make a quick trip to the Captain’s lodgings now?”

He turned away, “Once we get to Madrid, I’ll have the company of women of class.”

She giggled, “I guess that means I will also have the company of high-class men. Can’t wait, I’d like to know what Spain has to offer a blonde girl. Is it a rather large court? Will it take time to find my favourites?”

His jaw dropped, he had heard English women were proper. He never met a girl so crass. “If we are to rule England together, you won’t make me a fool, Susanna. Stop this, or I’ll-”

Unexpectedly, she pressed her lips against his. He responded, grasping her blonde curls in his hand, cupping her head. She pushed him back. “Or you’ll what?” she laughed. She tried to walk past him, but he raised his arm across the corridor, blocking her path.

“I want an obedient wife. You need to be shown what it means to belong to a man.” He moved forward and kissed her again, “I find it difficult to concentrate on attacking England if I’m to be made a cuckold.”

“You make an excellent point, your Highness,” she said realizing her opportunity. “Are you suggesting we start getting familiar with one another?”

He nodded and casually walked into her room. She followed behind him. “I don’t like England much,” he said as she shut the door.

“You’ll like me,” she said with a closed lip smile.

“Will I? What will I like most about you?” he asked as he headed toward her bed.

“I always get what I want.”

“Am I what you want?”

He wasn’t. Though Carlos was an attractive man, she couldn’t help to think he was a demanding prick. After helping him escape the dungeon, he had the audacity to take the best room on the ship. Now, it seemed as though he thought she should be excited that he was interested in her.

“All I care about is how comfortable I am,” she said.

“How comfortable you are?” he repeated.

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