By: G. Bailey

For the badass women who never needed a prince to save them.

I did something terrible.

It’s a nasty secret, one I never want the world to find out.

But now someone knows and they want me to get revenge for them.

Ethan Remington, Josh Dedican, Hunter Cross, Nathan Cross and Lucas Georgian are my targets, and they just so happen to rule the little town of Holly.

I have to end their rule at the local Academy I’ve just moved into or else my secret is out.

That cannot happen.

I’ll do whatever it takes to keep my secret safe—even if that means taking down my unlucky victims one by one.

Don’t feel sorry for them.

They did bad things too, almost as terrible as me.

I’m going to be their worst nightmare imaginable.

And the best part?

They don’t get to wake up from it.

If I’m going to hell, they are coming down with me.

Welcome to Holly Oak Academy, where money talks more than education and the rich boys do very bad things. Now they’ve met their match — me — and I’m bringing them down no matter what it takes. I have to, or else I’m a goner.

18+ RH Bully Romance.

There is something so terribly addictive about lying. You know it’s bad, appalling really, but sometimes you can’t help the words that escape your lips.

Sometimes it even feels good to say them.

I should feel awful for the lie I just told, the lie that adds to the hundreds I’ve already told my parents.

To everyone.

But I don’t.

“I’ve told you, Mother, I didn’t know him very well,” I tell her, the words swiftly leaving my lips with little effort at all.

Maybe I spoke too soon, but that is the only way she could tell I am lying. My mother and father are judges for the courts. They can smell a lie before it’s even uttered. They brought me up to never lie to family because it always gets you trouble. They never told me what to do once you are already in trouble and have no other option because your family can never find out.

“I’m just concerned about his disappearance—"

“Mother, I’m fine,” I cut her off before she can say anything more; I can't talk about this with her.

It’s another lie, of course, because I’m not fine, not one little bit, and I know she can tell. Sometimes it’s like she sees straight through my pale blue eyes and reads my every thought.

Thankfully, she can’t do that, or she might be a tad horrified by what she finds.

“Fine, fine. Are you looking forward to seeing the new boarding school?” she inquires casually, her eyes drifting to the front of the limo just briefly enough to let me know she likes this driver. It’s always the drivers for my mother—usually the handsome young ones with dark hair. As for my father? It’s the pretty secretaries that strut around with their peroxide blonde hair and augmented breasts. My parents love their affairs and the revolving door of drivers and secretaries. They don’t love the people they fool around with, of course, just the thrill of the chase and the sex.

Love is for the lower class and the weak.

That’s what they both say if you ask them why they bother staying married. Everything is about money and appearance. It’s why my light brown hair is perfectly cut, straight and highlighted blonde. My peach dress fits my body like a glove. I have a strict diet and fitness regime to make sure I stay in control of my figure. No junk food whenever I’m with my parents. My body is just an engine to them and they want to keep it running perfectly for as long as possible. It’s been this way since before I can remember and I’ve always hated it.

Life must be more than this boring routine.

It has to be.

But not to my parents.

“What was the school called again?” I ask her, because until this point I’ve been so scared of the past and my secret that I’ve hidden away in it. The future was never really important to me. Now, things have changed, and I need to focus on the future. Every mile we get away from my old boarding school, the more I can relax and actually breathe in this tight dress.

“Holly Oak Academy,” my mother answers me, her eyes still busy checking out the driver. “It is one of the most prestigious schools in England and only the best go here. Honestly, I have no idea why we sent you to that school by London in the first place.”

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