Unbridled and Unjustified

By: Elle Saint James

The Double Rider Men’s Club 11

After her home explodes, Ava Campbell goes on the run across several states with private investigators Declan Westfall and Troy Markham. Ava uses impulsive desire and sex with two amazing strangers to keep her mind off of her ample troubles. Meanwhile, they do their best to protect her from an assassin tying up loose ends.

Betrayed by her ex-fiancé, Ava doesn’t trust her feelings as more than lust for attractive men, but the closer the time comes to part with Declan and Troy, the more she doesn’t want to say good-bye or put an end to the unique ménage lifestyle they’ve introduced.

Declan hadn’t ever planned to look for a permanent woman or marry again after a disastrous first marriage and subsequent divorce. Troy went along with a lack of permanent companionship because he’d never met anyone he wanted to settle down with before. Until Ava literally exploded into their lives. Will they survive to make a life together?

Chapter One

Petite Jean Mountain area, Arkansas

Ava Campbell lifted the heavy shotgun to chest level, pumped a shell into the chamber readying it to fire, but purposely pointed it away from the annoying man on her doorstep. She didn’t want to shoot him accidentally. She just wanted him to go away.

“Ms. Campbell,” Mr. White said, raising his arms halfway up his sides. “You have to be reasonable. I’m trying to help you.”

“I never asked for your help, Mr. White. Instead, you’re on my property without my express permission. I want you off of it. Now. I’ve told you again and again that I do not have any illegal aliens working for me. I never have, nor will I ever. If you don’t leave, I’m going to call and register a harassment claim on your behalf.”

He frowned. “You don’t have to do that, Ms. Campbell. I’ll leave. However, you can expect ICE to come and verify your story. They will bring a search warrant for the premises and the outlying buildings on your property, too. If she’s here, they’ll find her.” She loathed when he called her Ms. Campbell with his fake Southern drawl. Her name rolled off his tongue as if he disliked saying it as much as she hated hearing it from his meddling lips.

Ava’s motivation for not wanting ICE searching her property had absolutely nothing to do with Marisol’s citizenship status. For as much as she wasn’t usually a violent person, Ava really wanted to plug Mr. White in the ass with buckshot for all the trouble he’d caused.

“I’ll look forward to that, Mr. White. Meanwhile, you can get off my front porch. And then you can leave my property.” She motioned him with a threatening upward thrust of her shotgun. “Right now.” He stepped down off the bottom step of the porch and backed his way slowly to his sedan even though she never actually pointed the gun at him.

“This isn’t over, Ms. Campbell.” Hearing her name from his lips again made her teeth grind together almost to the point of pain. He smiled a smarmy little smile like he couldn’t wait to slap handcuffs on her and haul her into prison. His sleazy attitude and overall unprofessional demeanor made her consider running to take a shower, if he ever left.

She took a firmer hold of the gun. “It is for today.”

“You’re making a mistake.”

“Won’t be the first time or the last, I’d expect.”

“There’s one other thing you should also know.”

“Oh, yeah? And what’s that?” She didn’t care what he was about to say, but if he said it and left quickly, she’d do a victory dance.

He paused for such a long time before speaking, she almost fired the gun to get his attention. He stared at her with a gaze more interested in her cleavage and the curves of her body than anything else. “If she’s found anywhere near your property without a valid green card, you’ll be arrested for harboring an illegal immigrant.”

“Good to know.” She moved the gun in his direction again to get him going.

I’m not harboring an illegal immigrant, you ass. Just go away, for pity’s sake.

Mr. White shrugged and backed away with cautious steps all the way to his car. “Last chance,” he said, hanging one arm casually over the top of his open driver’s door. “Is she really worth going to jail for?”

In response to his question, Ava took two long steps forward, enough to clear the porch overhang, raised the shotgun, and fired a round of buckshot into the air. She had to hold in her amusement when Mr. White fell backward on his ass before scrambling into his car headfirst. Seconds later, he fired the engine up, revved the motor hard and fast just once, and threw it into gear. She heard the transmission grind at being mistreated all the way from her position on the porch.

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