Conquering Adversity (County Sheriffs #1)

By: Becca Van

County Sheriffs 1: Conquering Adversity

Clay Wilton and Spence Nelson know Misha Collette is the woman they have been waiting for as soon as the meet her. But they can’t begin to court her after meeting her under such horrific circumstances.

Misha is devastated when her best friend, Janice Judson, is found dead. She feels responsible. If she hadn’t asked her friend to come visit while on vacation, she would still be alive.

When the two sheriffs ask for Misha’s help in finding her killer, she isn’t about to refuse. She will do whatever it takes to make sure the psychopath who murdered her friend is put behind bars.

The more time she spends with Clay and Spence, the more attracted she becomes, and though she knows she doesn’t deserve to find happiness, she can’t stay away from the two sexy lawmen. Misha quickly falls under Clay’s and Spence’s spell until they have a firm hold of her heart. When she ends up in the hands of the serial killer, will she ever see the loves of her life again?


Clay Wilton glanced toward his office door when he caught movement from the corner of his eye. When he saw his best friend and fellow sheriff’s face, he knew whatever Spence Nelson was going to say wasn’t going to be something he wanted to hear.

“A body’s been found about half a mile east of the Pahaska Tepee Resort near the North Fork Shoshone River.” Spence rubbed a hand over the back of his neck.

“Female?” Clay asked.

Spence gave a slight nod.

The knot of dread that Clay had been living with over the last few months grew bigger. He didn’t have to tell his deputies that they had a serial killer on their hands. Other than the three deceased women being in their mid-twenties, there were no other similarities as far as he and the other deputies had gleaned so far.

Clay rolled his neck, trying to ease the tension from his muscles but until they had the bastard who was killing innocent women behind bars, he was going to have to live with the stress and unease plaguing him. He just wished they had something to go on, but so far they had nada.

When he stepped out of his office and walked down the short hallway, he was pleased to see that all of his men were sitting at their desks, hard at work. Each and every one of his men had served with him in the Rangers. He trusted them with his life and they trusted him.

“Everyone gear up,” Clay ordered. “We’re heading toward Pahaska Tepee Resort.”

The guys didn’t question him as they all stood, pulled their holstered weapons from their gun belts, checked the clips, and holstered their weapons again.

Dawson Campbell was the first deputy out the front doors. Kent Evans was right behind him. Tanner Collins and Cooper Ellis jogged down the few steps and headed toward their ATV vehicle. Clay didn’t even look at the patrol cars sitting in the side parking lot. Most of the time, he and his deputies only used the sedans when they were patrolling around the town of Cody, but since Park County was rugged, most of the time he and his men drove the ATVs.

Spence climbed into the front passenger seat as Clay started the ignition and then he headed out. It would take almost an hour to reach their destination if they were unhindered by others on the road. He glanced into the back of the vehicle at the two back packs on the rear seat. He and his men were always prepared. They’d learnt to be while in the Rangers. They always carried emergency first aid supplies, a satellite cell phone as well as nutritional bars and bottles of water. No contingency would catch them out. Plus, they were all elite trained soldiers and could live off the land if they had to.

Clay pushed his introspection aside and hoped that this time he and his deputies would find some evidence to lead them to their unsub, but he wasn’t about to hold his breath. So far there hadn’t been any DNA or hint to why their perp was killing young innocent women. There was no rhyme or reason for the killings as far as he could work out other than the bastard was a sick psycho.

Neither he nor Spence spoke while Clay drove to where the body had been found. Spence was so like him he knew his friend was preparing himself before they saw the gruesome crime scene.

Clay sighed with frustration. He’d had Dawson and Kent scouring the archives of cold cases to see if there were any similarities to any other unsolved murder cases. So far they hadn’t found anything, but gut instinct was telling him the unsub had killed before. It was up to him and his men to find the links and go through all the evidence they didn’t have, and put this fucker behind bars where he belonged.

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