A Baby for the Doctor

By: Jacqueline Diamond


A baby is the last thing surgical nurse Anya Meeks expected from her passionate New Year’s Eve fling. Growing up, Anya shouldered more than her share of responsibility, even raising her three younger siblings. She isn’t ready to tackle a lifelong commitment to a child—or to a man—no matter how caring and attentive he seems.

A drop-dead-gorgeous doctor like Jack Ryder is used to the women of Safe Harbor Hospital vying for his attention. Too bad the only woman he wants is avoiding him. Jack longs for a family—he’ll do anything to persuade Anya not to put their baby up for adoption. But with her jaded views on relationships and family, it won’t be easy. Can he convince her that their love is no accident?

Jack indicated the three doorways. “Which one’s your room?”

“Back corner.”

“I’ll bet it has a great view.”

Taking the hint, Anya led him into the room. “Ignore the mess, okay?” She’d left a pile of clean laundry on the bed to be folded.

“You consider this a mess? It’s nice.” Hardly high praise, but then, her plain, inexpensive furnishings didn’t merit compliments.

She found Jack’s nearness even more enticing in these intimate quarters. Everything about him appealed to her, from his chest-hugging T-shirt to the light in his green eyes.

Longing shimmered through Anya. As a diversion, she hurried to the window. “It’s especially pretty at sunset.”

“It sure is.” When Jack approached, the air heated between them. His arm circled her waist, drawing her close.

Anya relaxed against him. When Jack turned her toward him, a rush of longing underscored how much she’d missed him. New Year’s Eve hadn’t been a tipsy aberration. She’d longed for him from the moment they’d met. And now she longed for even more….

Dear Reader,

Although each of the Safe Harbor Medical romances stands alone, I incorporate subplots that I hope will add to readers’ enjoyment and build anticipation for the next book.

A Baby for the Doctor begins a three-book cycle that focuses on five hospital workers who share quarters in a large house. Three of the four women become pregnant—including one who chooses to undergo an embryo transfer—while the fifth occupant, a male nurse, provides an ironic perspective.

Nurse Anya Meeks, the heroine of this book, has a prickly relationship with handsome surgeon Jack Ryder and isn’t at all thrilled to discover that their impulsive New Year’s Eve encounter left her pregnant. Moving into the house surrounds her with caring friends, and the challenge falls to Jack to win her over. Sometimes this requires winning her housemates’ approval, too, as he learns when he volunteers to cook for her.

Both characters were fun to write about. I hope you’ll enjoy their verbal sparring and emotional journey as much as I did.

Also, please enjoy the recipe! Although we can only include one in the book, I’ve posted several more of Jack’s favorite recipes on my website, www.jacquelinediamond.com, along with a complete list of the Safe Harbor books.


Jacqueline Diamond

Chapter One

“That was unbelievable.” Exhilarated, Dr. Jack Ryder stripped off his surgical gown, folded it inward to contain the soiled part and stuffed it into the specially marked laundry receptacle.

He wished his mentor, Dr. Owen Tartikoff, hadn’t already left the operating suite so he could thank the man for letting him take the lead in today’s microsurgery, a procedure known as pain mapping. Instead, he shared his high spirits with the anesthesiologist, Dr. Rod Vintner.

Rod quirked an eyebrow at the younger man’s excitement. “Don’t let it go to your head. In the Middle Ages, surgery was performed by barbers. By the way, I could use a trim.” Pulling off his cap, he displayed a shock of graying brown hair.

“Getting a little thin in the middle,” Jack responded. One of the techs, obviously new at Safe Harbor Medical Center, seemed startled at this exchange, so Jack explained, “Rod’s my uncle.”

“Barely,” said the anesthesiologist, removing his glove from the edge, inside out to protect his skin from the contaminated surface. “We’re the same age.”

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