It Takes Special Forces

By: Dixie Lynn Dwyer

Love on the Rocks 9

Essie Salter is not just shy, she's scared, too. A victim of stalking, forced to disappear and start a new life in order to survive, she winds up in South Carolina. Her fear of soldiers is justified. But she’s trying to learn to be confident and strong despite daily panic attacks and new insecurities.

However, it seems Special Forces can hinder her thought-out strategy of survival and remaining undetected. Especially since those forces come in the form of five very well-trained, attractive, and determined Special Forces soldiers. They infiltrate her heart and readjust her strategy, and just in the nick of time, as her stalker discovers her hiding place.

Her men have built up her self-confidence and given her the tools to survive, but it’s her need to fight for her life—and for her lovers—that will be put to the test in a do-or-die situation.

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Essie is living in fear and unable to trust anyone she meets. She has a secret and it takes a good friend and a special town to help her see that there are people she can trust.

She was a victim of a stalker, an obsessed military man willing to kill anyone in his path to find her.

Essie never expected to fall in love, and certainly not with five men. She learns to trust them, knows that they understand her anxiety and fears, and they help her regain her self-confidence and once again feel like she is living a normal life.

Love is a very powerful thing, indeed. A woman once scared of her own shadow, timid and shy, becomes empowered by the support of loving, empathetic men as well as some self-defense training. The love of her men makes Essie ready to give the ultimate sacrifice to protect them, just as they are willing to give their lives to protect her and save her from her stalker.

May you enjoy her story. Happy reading.




Essie Salter walked down the side street of the city only a block from her apartment building. She was tired from a long day at work, her mind on having to go home and clean the apartment, and do grocery shopping tomorrow for the week. She exhaled. She was unorganized, frazzled, and wondered how she got to this point of monotony and routine. She always thought that living in the city would bring her excitement, some spice in her otherwise boring life, and entertainment. Well, the club scene, the bar scene, and the dining out with friends anyway.

Friday or Saturday evenings were becoming a bore. Her job was a hell of a lot better than if she took the one in the suburbs with Mr. Ranger, her dad’s old friend, though. How boring that would have been, to be the office sales manager, and basically secretary, for that man? God, her life would have been shit. Instead, she took a chance and applied to Strober and King, a large company in the city that promoted and sold over a thousand products and services throughout the United States. She applied for a job in one particular department that was hiring. The boss was a hard-ass. She found out months after being there that he didn’t get along with anyone, and his assistants didn’t last long.

She shook her head as she rounded the corner. Gary Perk was just an obsessive, compulsive perfectionist. He rubbed off on her, and they got along well because she was an overachiever and she didn’t want her parents to tell her “I told you so” if she failed. So, she sucked it up, took his bad attitude with a grain of salt, and eventually they got along perfectly. She had to smile. He was a great boss, and her job as product promoter and contract negotiator was awesome. Her ability to handle research and detail-oriented documents was a gift. She could do a wide range of jobs, but this one was consistent and the pay excellent. She was making it on her own. Twenty-four years old and things were only looking better.

Her fellow colleagues couldn’t compete with her performance, and so Gary treated her with respect, and she was his number one employee. But, oh, what a process the last two years had been.

She felt proud, and just as the smile formed on her lips, and her heart filled with joy at her success here in the city, she felt the gloved hand go over her mouth, and a thick, large muscular arm go around her waist. Her entire body tightened up, and fear consumed her instantly. She reacted, squirming, pushing downward to get the man off of her. She tried screaming but couldn’t with the thick glove over her mouth and nose. She could hardly breathe. The panicked feeling consumed her when this person in black pulled her into the side ally. Oh God, I’m going to be raped and mugged. Oh God.

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