Dangerous:Delos Series, Book 10

By: Lindsay McKenna


To Dr. Steve Vergara, Dentist, his ten women assistants, among them Jan and Julieanne at Arizona Smile Designs. And, Dr. Danny Ripplinger, dental surgeon from Las Vegas, Nevada, who saved a tooth with a 2 ½ hour root canal. He’s also an author of science fiction novels, and we had a great time talking about his book during the root canal! We are sister-brother writers, so that made this procedure well worth the trip. Thank you, Steve, for all your fine work on my teeth. Thank you, Danny, for your kindness, your humor and discovering a wonderful new storyteller!

Dear Reader,

I love action combined with romance. Dangerous is one of those books. I have always longed to write about Africa. Owning my own publishing company, I can do that now.

I’ve never been to Africa, but I’ve always wanted to go. It’s on my bucket list! I spent six months researching Khartoum, the capitol of Sudan, an African country in the north of the continent. I also bought a bunch of cookbooks because I have scenes where dinners are being served. What do the Sudanese people eat? I found I loved these recipes and have been trying them out for myself!

My heroine, Sloan, was a fierce woman warrior and soldier. She was part of an Army A-team in Afghanistan, their medic, and she was a strong person knowing why she was over there. What she hadn’t banked on was having a year and a half torrid affair with a vaunted Night Stalker helicopter pilot.

Meeting Captain Dan Malloy, a hunk by any other name, changed her life. He was honest with her; he was only interested in women who wanted sex, not love. He didn’t want a long-term relationship. Malloy was irresistible to Sloan, so she abided by his rules. But life changed both of them when a traumatic landing in enemy territory, occurred.

Sloan fell deeply in love with Dan, regardless of his regulations when it came to a relationship. He was boarded up, unavailable emotionally and shortly after the incident, she split up and left the Army.

Four years later, Sloan is working for Artemis Security in Virginia, when she’s given an assignment to a Delos charity in the Sudan. The pilot who works for the charity was charged with drinking alcohol before flying a U.S. medical team into a village. She’s been sent to find out the details. More shocking is that the pilot being investigated is none other than Dan Malloy.

But shock turns to dismay upon meeting Malloy and Sloan realizes with a jolt that she STILL loves this man with a secret past. Now? Was it a second chance? Or the mission from hell? Danger swirls around them as Sloan finds out that Malloy has a price on his head from a terrorist organization. Will they survive?

Hang on! This one has twists, turns and surprises.

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What the hell! Dan Malloy groaned in his sleep, his body covered in perspiration, the bedsheets twisted and caught between his lower legs. His breath came hard and fast. It felt as if his heart was going to rip out of his chest, the pounding so loud that it sounded like kettle drums pulsing in his ears. He heard the blades of the MH-47 Night Stalker he was flying. Heard the calm voice of his copilot, Lieutenant Andy Gantry, talking to the Special Forces A team hidden nearby in the inky darkness on a rocky slope in the Hindu Kush mountains. They had been out for nearly three weeks hunting HVTs, high-value targets.

The winds were erratic, trying to toss the bird around. His Nomex gloves were soaked as he gripped the cyclic and collective, his booted feet playing lightly on the rudders, trying to bring the helo in and not crash it.

His teeth ached, he was clenching them so tightly, his entire focus oriented to the green dials in front of him, trying to land safely to pick up the twelve-member team. The weather was stormy and quixotic, trying to throw Dan off course. Below, through his NVGs, he saw the chem lights tossed out by the A team to show him where to land. Sweat trickled down his temples. His nostrils flared as he smelled the kerosene used to power the MH-47. His only focus was landing this damned thing. Lightning flashed, blinding him momentarily.

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