Never Say Never

By: Stormy Glenn

Aberdeen Pack 3

Never Say Never

Rory dances because he has to. The visions he suffers from weigh down his soul, and dancing takes him away from all of that. But when he meets Hercules, he finds another reason to dance.

Hercules is an elite enforcer, trained from a very early age to be the best of the best. As large and as strong as he is, he’s very good at what he does…until the day he finds a man that comes between him and his duty.

Pulled into a conflict that started long before they even met, Hercules and Rory need to discover a way to balance their duty to their pack and their desire for each other. If they don’t, they could lose not only the people they care for but the chance to be mates.

Chapter 1

Rory’s laughter was low and amused as he gave voice to the joyous feelings flowing through him. He let the soft music echoing around the room fill his body, giving a sexy, sensual sway to his actions as he swung his hips in a slow circle.

Each gesture was fluid and flawless, as if Rory was born just to dance. He moved with comfort and ease as if he were created with the ability to convey what he was feeling with each movement of his body.

Rory loved to dance. The simple movements gave freedom to the emotions that overwhelmed him so very often. Dancing usually allowed him to move into his own mind where no other person existed and he could just enjoy life and all it had to offer.

Currents of warm air brushed along his skin, making him hyperaware of everything around him, and this time, Rory knew he was being watched. He just didn’t care. Iben, Djal, and Sissy had long ago gotten used to Rory losing himself in music.

The others in the alpha house watching his body sway to and fro had never witnessed it, and they seemed to be watching Rory with something close to shock. Rory’s nerve endings began to come to life, and he knew at least one of the men watching him wanted him.

The lust in the air sizzled along his skin.

Rory tilted his head slightly and peeked through the strands of hair that fell over his face, searching for whoever was lusting after him. He didn’t dance to draw others’ attention, but every once in a while, it was nice to know he had gotten it. Everyone liked to feel wanted and Rory was no different, no matter how much he pretended otherwise.

He swept the room with an assessing glance. As he swung his arms up into the air on a particularly thick note of music, Rory’s senses narrowed in on a set of golden-amber eyes eating him up—Hercules.

Rory almost groaned with delight.

The massive man was one of three brothers that Iben had hired for security after Julian was attacked and kidnapped by former member of their pack. Rory was almost stunned by the amount of lust coming off of the man. He had felt others desire him but never with this intense level of hunger.

It was almost too much.


Rory knew he put a little extra sway into his movements, a little more sensuality. He just couldn’t help it. He had been lusting after Hercules since the moment he set eyes on the three gorgeous brothers.

Strains of the Rolling Stones’ song “Beast of Burden” filled the air. Rory closed his eyes and moved to the slow, sensuous beat. He swung his hips back and forth, moving his hands up over his chest and throat then up over his head as he imagined the words in the song coming to life before him.

The words talked about just wanting someone to love him and that was how Rory felt. He wanted someone to look past his larger-than-life brother Beta Djal, his fiercely possessive—and sometimes psychotic—sister Sitka, and his powerful best friend Alpha Ibenré Khenti, and see him, the real him.


He loved Djal, Sissy, and Iben with all of his heart, but the three of them could do a lot of damage to his love life, and did on a frequent basis. They were very protective, and while that was wonderful, it was also stifling.

Rory had a very hard time meeting men that interested him. He had an even harder time getting alone time with them. One of his siblings or Iben were always butting in, trying to find out if the guy Rory was interested in was good enough for him.

Like he couldn’t tell that himself.

Djal, Sissy, and Iben were fully aware of what Rory could do with his mind, of the things he felt and the things he could see. Rory had never really explained it to them because he wasn’t exactly sure he knew himself, but they knew anyway.

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