Unbridled and Unsaddled

By: Elle Saint James

The Double Rider Men’s Club 9

Unbridled and Unsaddled

Sabrina Lancaster wants to live the unbridled sexual lifestyle of the Double Rider Men’s Club. Unfortunately, Drew Montgomery and Parker Grayson, former rodeo rivals and the two men she adores, are not members of the club…at least not yet.

She invites them both to compete in a private rodeo contest at the DRMC property, and the winner gets a date with her. Both men are very interested in Sabrina and eagerly sign up. Sabrina plans to invite both men out for the evening regardless of the contest’s outcome. Once nestled in a small cabin, Sabrina invites them to share her.

Neither Drew nor Parker had never considered participating in a ménage relationship, but the night they spend with Sabrina changes both of their minds and hearts. Both are willing to try a relationship as long as it remains private. When a newspaper exposé outs their supposed love triangle and resurrects their previous rivalry, will Sabrina be able to keep her dream relationship?

Chapter One

Ryder, Colorado

“How can I convince you to participate in our little contest?” Sabrina Lancaster asked the mouthwateringly gorgeous cowboy standing before her.

Arms crossed, leaning against the corner of a rustic barn, Parker Grayson was quite possibly the most handsome man she’d ever seen. Well, he was closely tied with one other man in her mind.

The corner of his mouth lifted in a seductive half smile. “Promise to go out with me and I’ll give your offer due consideration.”

She grinned. “Interesting you should say that. The winner of our unofficial western rodeo triathlon is five thousand dollars and a date with yours truly.”

He inhaled deeply and closed his eyes as if he was teetering on the edge of a difficult decision.

Parker’s smile suddenly widened, and yet he seemed to hesitate. His eyes popped open again to drill her with his beautiful, light–green-eyed gaze, and while his smile remained, she feared he’d still say no to her query. However, it was vital to her diabolical plan that he say yes.

Before he responded in the negative, Sabrina decided to use her ultimate secret weapon to entice him. “Did I tell you that Drew Montgomery already agreed to ride in the competition?”

Parker’s whole body stiffened and came to attention. “No. You didn’t mention him.” She laughed because he was suddenly so stiff and formal about his archrival being mentioned that it amused her.

“Yes. And in fact, he’s actually the reason I used myself as a prize in this competition. Money didn’t seem to interest him as much as a date with me did. Funny, huh?”

“Yeah, funny.” Parker’s intense, beautiful gaze had shot to her face the exact second Drew’s name spilled from her lips. He inhaled and exhaled very slowly before answering, “Well, if Drew is in this thing, then so am I. You can count on me.”

Score one for rivalry.

“Excellent.” Sabrina lifted her spiral-bound notebook and jotted his name down beneath Drew’s. There would be several others competing, but none of them were even in the same league with these two former rodeo champions.

“How many of us are competing?” he asked.

She didn’t look up from her notebook. “Not too many. Less than ten. But you and Drew will obviously be our main attraction. This is a private show, so there won’t be any publicity other than within the club you’re performing for. I hope that won’t be a problem.”

“No. That actually appeals to me. If the general public hears about my coming out of retirement, I might get hounded to do other venues.”

She smiled. “Funny. That’s exactly what Drew said, too.”

Parker didn’t respond. Well, he sort of grunted.

After a few minutes, as she jotted a few notes down, he asked, “How will this western rodeo triathlon work, exactly?”

Sabrina looked over the top edge of the spiral and straight into his engaging eyes. She cleared her throat. “Well, each of you will ride a bull for eight seconds, rope a calf as fast as you can, and then target shoot with a rifle.

“Points will be given for each of the first two events much like any other rodeo, and then a rifle-shooting match will determine the overall winner. Serving also to eliminate any tie scores from the first two competitions.”

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