From the Ashes (Forbidden #0.5)

By: Dani Rene

A Forbidden Series Novella

In order to rise From the Ashes

A Phoenix must first burn in the fire

The lights are focused on us as we finish up our routine. The stages are in the center of a large lounge area and every man’s eyes are glued to the two of us. We’ve become somewhat of a team. Men love my red hair and her chestnut locks. Her hazel eyes and my emerald pools seem to hypnotize them.

There are two platforms, mine which is off to the left has one sleek, silver pole, and to the right Dakota’s has a chair, which she’s currently leaning on as the song ends. Her long, slender legs shimmer with the glitter she brushed on earlier.


The nightclub that’s given me a sanctuary from my past. An elite club with only the richest of clientele. They pay an exorbitant fee to see me wrap my legs around a metal pole. They watch me and the girls, sway and gyrate, wearing slinky outfits. They beg us to taunt them.

For the more exclusive clients, there’s a menu if they’d like more than just a dance. When they request something from that sleek silver card, we’re at their beck and call.

From where I’m positioned backstage, I notice Dax, my boss, and Axel, the head of security—the only two men I trust since leaving the hell I came from—stalking toward the bar. They’ve been good to me and the other girls who work for them.

“Skyla,”—Dakota’s melodic voice drags me from my daydreams of another life—“orders up!” she quips, with a smile so bright it lights up her face. I know what she means, two clients requested us. The VIP package in this place means men can ask for any girl to join them in a private room, and if they pay the premium, they get to fuck us, and it seems tonight Kota—which is her stage name—and I will be entertaining someone.

I follow my best friend down the hallway. “Which room are we in?”

She glances at the card that Theia gave her and responds over her shoulder. “The Raven Room, looks like we have two men to dance for tonight.” This room is mine—well, it’s my favorite. With muted colors and a beautiful pole in the center, I feel as if they made it for me.

Upon entering we find the clients already seated in the onyx wingback chairs. They’re both older, possibly mid-forties. One of them has a thick gold band on his ring finger, glimmering under the low lights coming from the ceiling.

“What can we do for you gentlemen today?” I stop only a few feet from them, my red panties and bra leave little to the imagination. Dakota heads to the pole, twirling around it hypnotically. I’ve been teaching her some moves and she’s picking them up quickly.

“I’m Travis. This is Rich. He wants to watch, doesn’t want to cheat on his wife,” the one with salt-and-pepper hair says, gesturing to his friend. I almost laugh at that. Of course he doesn’t. “I, on the other hand, would love to control you and your little friend,” he quips, and I nod in understanding.

“You want a dirty show?” I question, meeting the steel gray eyes of Rich. His dark brown hair is just graying at the sides. He nods. No fucking shame. “Fine, make yourselves comfortable.”

Since I’ve been at Inferno, Dakota’s one of the girls I’ve grown close to, the other is our hostess, Theia. They’ve both been an incredible support after the horrors I faced. They’re both honest to a fault, and love me even in my self-loathing moments.

I think we do that for each other.

After my escape from Caged with the help of Dax, I’ve gotten attached to my makeshift family. Now, here in the Big Apple, a year into our friendship, we’re like sisters.

Dakota’s dressed in a skimpy, blue baby doll negligee, which is so short and see through, it’s pretty pointless. She might as well be naked. She gives me that sexy little pout that drives her clients crazy. Raising my finger, I crook it to call her over. When I turn back to the men, I find both clients are now shirtless, and for older men, they’re toned in all the right places.

Without a word, Dakota heads toward me. Her tits bounce with every step and their eyes are glued to her. “This here is Kota, boys, and I’m Skyla.” Two sets of eyes flit between us with eagerness. “Kitten, why don’t you show these gentlemen how sweet you can be.”

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