Romance Warfare

By: Lizzie Lynn Lee

ROMANCE WARFARE: A Tigress’ Guide to NOT Secure a Mate



Curvaceous secretary Eva Carey starts a new job only to find Adam Frost, the last cocky, self-centered weretiger she ever wants to see, is her new boss. Eve’s grandfather had promised Adam’s granddad that she’d marry his grandson when they came of age. Eva rejected the matchmaking. She grew up with Adam and he was quite a jerk as a kid. No way in hell she’ll become his mate.

Adam Frost is annoyed when he finds himself reunited with Eva. He was hurt when Eva refused to honor their grandfathers’ wishes. Eva was his first crush. His first love. And still is. Now, having her as his underling only opens old wounds. He swears he’s totally over her, and yet, the moment he sees her again, he wants her very, very badly. Damn!

Eva wants nothing to do with Adam outside the office, even when Adam turns out to be a hot, gorgeous, hunkalicious guy. Adam makes it his priority to avoid the sassy weretigress whenever necessary. And yet, fate keeps throwing them together, often in intimate, risqué situations. People say two negatives don’t make a positive. Eva and Adam find the math wrong this time. When they’re together, it feels so right, furs fly. But neither Eva nor Adam are willing to admit it.

When you play the game of love, you win or remain single forever. . .

Chapter One

It’s hard to enforce a no contact rule when she’s working for you. Totally ignoring her makes you look like a jackass.


“Eva....Eva Carey.”

“You are fucking kidding me.” Adam Frost slammed his hands onto his mahogany desk and kicked his chair back.

“There’s no way that’s happening. Eva Carey is not working for me.”

Adam stalked back and forth across his office, his legs lithe and muscular as he paced the length of the room. He stopped in front of the floor-to-ceiling window and peered down at the busy streets below, the cars and people all miniature versions of themselves from this height.

“Does she know?”

There was no answer from behind him. The mid-morning sun slanted across his chiseled features, picking out hints of copper in his deep chocolate hair. He spun and speared the man in the chair with his gaze. “Does. She. Know?” he ground out.

Dean Woolsey, VP of Frost Industries and, coincidentally, Adam’s cousin, was sprawled across a leather club chair parked in front of Adam’s massive desk. He chuckled at Adam’s discomfort, clearly he enjoyed torturing Adam. “Does she know you’re CEO of Frost Industries? Yep, pretty sure she does. Does she know she’s your new executive administrative assistant? I…I’m not sure.” He cleared his throat and developed a keen interest in the abstract painting dominating the wall to his left.

Adam stopped his pacing and dropped back into his chair, closing his eyes, and massaging his temples with his thumbs. He could feel disaster in the making. Big time. One that he couldn’t easily wish away. Anything related with Eva Carey always drained his energy and his sanity. Winter is coming, he thought sarcastically. “This was all you, wasn’t it?” he asked Dean.

Dean shrugged and gave him a half-cocked smile. “Listen, she needed a job. When the Carey clan alpha came calling, what was I supposed to tell him? ‘No way in hell am I hiring your gorgeous little heir?’”

Adam huffed his exasperation and for a split second, his sky-blue eyes flashed topaz at Dean. “This is a huge company, Dean. There must be another department where you could have put her. Mail room, perhaps?”

“Come on, mail room? You want to insult the Carey’s alpha? She’s more than qualified and she needed a position that pays well.”

“Fine, accounting, whatever. Just somewhere else. Away from me. Somewhere I don’t have to see her every day.”

“Oh-ho, don’t tell me you still have feelings for her?” Dean hooted with laughter. “This is going to be even better than I thought!”

Adam narrowed his eyes. Irritated. “You did do this on purpose.”

“Of course, I did, Adam. You need a little shake-up in your life. And I don’t think anyone can shake you up as much as your ex-fiancé, the lovely Miss Eva Lillian Carey, whom we all dearly miss.”

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