Hunters of the Gods 5: The Countdown

By: Dixie Lynn Dwyer

Hunters of the Gods 5: The Countdown

Alusia was on a mission of revenge when fate stepped in, revealing her mates as well as redirecting her destiny. The powers of the gods are strong, just as they have been revealed to her friends, but finally she is seeing the purpose to her life and all she has to offer, with the powers hidden within.

Finding her mates and securing the bond helps Alusia to find her way as a warrior, as a witch, as a wolf, and as a woman destined for greatness. Her battle is a dangerous one, but ultimately it will prepare her for the war she will embark on alongside friends that have become her family.


“Who is the king? The wolf who is forcing the destruction of were packs across the United States, the one who helped you abduct Avi, the Alphas’ mate?” Rule demanded to know.

Collink and Mosek Shay were in a dead stare at Rule as Temerec, Law, Preston, Lodge, and Puello stood to the side. They had just begun to interrogate the two wolves after rescuing Avi with her mates, and then bringing the two wolves to a secure location.

Preston’s phone had been going off, but he refused to answer. It was Claspen, one of the leaders in the Circle of Elders. Word was out that they caught Avi’s abductors, that Shay pack members were killed as they resisted the invasion on the estate and compound, and an investigation was underway. They were short on time, and word was that the Circle questioned Saint pack and Keuric packs’ decisions to invade despite the evidence surrounding Shay pack. They could issue the order to release Collink and Mosek to them until their own investigation was done and information revealed. If they didn’t break these two wolves down now, then they could lose the lead they had.

“We have nothing to say. You are nothing to us,” Collink said through clenched teeth as he tried moving his arms, but they were chained to the chair.

“That’s where you are wrong. Saint pack and Keuric pack are the top packs in this area. We are the leaders. Your pack no longer exists, and your fathers, they have a lot of things to answer to before the Circle,” Preston replied.

“The Circle,” Mosek said, and snickered as if that term, the organization itself, was a joke. “You keep following the old ways. When the master comes you’ll see,” he added.

“Mosek, enough. They took Avi, give them nothing, and we can sit back and watch them die,” Collink said.

“Who is the master?” Puello asked, giving Mosek a shove to his chest.

Mosek’s eyes changed in color to a very evil looking reddish yellow. “You’ll find out, and when you do, it will be the end for all of you.” He started to really yank on the chains and roar out in anger when the door burst open and a series of soldiers, guards to the Circle of Elders, came into the room.

The leader, Emeril spoke up. “Enough. We are here to take the two brothers into custody to be questioned,” he stated as his men began to unlock the chains on the two wolves, and then place them into secured cuffs with long chains that connected from ankles to their wrists.

“We were interrogating them just fine,” Preston stated.

Emeril looked at him. “You’re disregarding calls from Claspen. He is not happy with any of you. An investigation needs to be done in the proper way. That’s our jobs, not yours.”

“Well, your pack isn’t part of the ones being crucified and attacked. A mate, and not the first one, has been taken against her will and these men tried to forcibly mate her. That’s an automatic ruling of death,” Preston replied.

“If it is proven, but that has yet to be established by the proper authority on this.” Emeril looked at his men who had the prisoner secured. “Get them to the van.” The men began to move out Collink and Mosek, but the others from Saint and Keuric packs stood in the way. “You do not want to do this,” Emeril stated firmly.

“Step aside, men. When they get to the bottom of this and find the answer we are looking for, then they will inform us,” Preston said, and the men stepped aside and watched the guards take away the only clues they had to who this master was and what he was after.

“Now what the fuck do we do?” Rule asked.

“We do what we all do best—investigate and make plans to attack the leads we do have with full force and get to the bottom of this quickly before someone else gets hurt or killed that we care about,” Preston said, then looked at Puello. “Call for a meeting. We need to take action. I’m going to call Claspen back right now.”

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