Bond of Love (Letters From Home Series Book 3)

By: Maryann Jordan

Letters From Home Series


As a high school counselor, I worked with many students who joined the military after high school. A few of them I stayed close to and watched as they matured during their enlistment. I know letters from home meant so much to them and they were the idea behind these stories. For those, and all who have served, I dedicate this story to them.

Author Notes

When writing military romance, I desire to portray accurately the soldiers’ jobs, duties, and situations, but know that in some areas I will fall short simply because I have never walked in their boots. I hope my readers will focus on the love story, while appreciating the service from our men and women in the military.

Chapter 1

(March – Ben)

I opened the door to the supply closet and there he was, humping the new nurse from behind…honest to God, I’m not making this shit up! They looked over at me and stopped what they were doing (I swear the look they gave me was as though they hoped I had no clue what was going on, but I assure you, I knew what they were doing!!!) and all I did was grab what I needed and then say, “Sorry, please continue” as I walked out and shut the door behind me! I swear, it’s like working in a fucking zoo…literally!!!

James had to stop reading, the men around him were laughing so hard. He looked over at his squad, some hanging down from their bunks with their eyes on him, and said, “Honest to God, she’s told me this stuff goes on all the time.”

Between chuckles, I asked, “Hell, does anyone get taken care of at the hospital or is the staff just screwing each other?”

“Hey, I don’t know about anyone else,” James protested, “but my sister’s a good nurse…and I know she doesn’t screw around in supply closets!”

I threw my hands up in defense. “I didn’t mean Alicia! But her letters are fuckin’ hilarious!”

Another squad member ducked in through the door letting in a gust of cold, Afghanistan wind and hurried into the small room, amidst cursing the freezing blast. “What’d I miss? One of Alicia’s letters?” Looking around, Roger saw the others still sniggering and pouted, “Oh, damn. You started without me.”

Our tent was heated, for which I was grateful, but we still huddled in our coats as we lounged on the bunk beds. Our twelve-member squad shared the tent, three bunk beds on either side of a center aisle. We’d slept on cots in the field but, here on base, our bunks held real mattresses, considered a step-up in accommodations. We each had a footlocker as well as a tall locker next to our bunks to keep our personal items. The floors were wooden, scuffed, and worn planks but much better than the dirt.

I grinned at the men around me, their smiles easier now that they were back at the base rather than the middle of the god-forsaken, mountainous region of Afghanistan. I waved Roger on in, saying, “You can catch up, man. All you missed was the sex in the supply closet.”

“Fuck!” Roger cursed, throwing himself down in a chair. “I missed the best part!”

The others laughed again, as James smoothed out the pieces of paper and continued to read.

Dr. Simmons, the surgeon whose head is so big I can’t figure out how his scrawny neck holds it up, has asked me out again. I’ve turned him down at least four times and he just doesn’t get it. I think when I say, “No, I am not interested” he hears, “I’d love to at another time!” What is it with guys that don’t listen? (Okay, not you brother dear – you’ve always listened!)

I did actually go on a date with a man I met in the coffee shop. He was cute, struck up a conversation and is a pharmaceutical rep visiting at the hospital. So we go to dinner (yes, I met him at the restaurant and did not give him my address) and during the dinner his phone rings. He takes the call, while I’m sitting there, and has a conversation with his WIFE!!!

Sooooo, I walked out, leaving him sitting all alone. Anyway, I’ve decided that I will not waste my time on men who will never be Mr. Right. My long shifts in the ER leave me too tired to date now anyway!

You are always telling me how great your squad members are…why aren’t they single and knocking down my door?? Just kidding!

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