A Sip of Pleasure

By: Dixie Lynn Dwyer

Love on the Rocks 7

Cherie is tired of waiting on the men she really wants and decides to give in to the need to feel a man’s attention. She doesn’t plan on being attracted to two other men she just met. Nor does she foresee the problems this could cause, especially in the business world that she has just embarked upon. So, when her client begins to hit on her and asks her to spy on two men she has feelings for, the end result is like nothing she could have ever expected.

Cherie sure didn’t know she would wind up in the middle of a criminal investigation involving terrorist activities and manipulative conspirators. And when she gives into desire, it sends her deeper into trouble, but also reveals why the five men she falls in love with keep pushing her away. They have secrets of their own, and revealing those secrets sooner could be the difference between Cherie surviving or becoming collateral damage.

Dear readers,

Thank you for purchasing this legal copy of A Sip of Pleasure. Cherie is a very special woman. She has had her heart broken, has failed in different aspects of her life, but her determination to not let the indiscretions of a man she once loved rule her life and her decisions has brought her to a new world. Living in New York is a change from South Carolina. Succeeding in business beyond any expectations makes her feel proud. The only thing she wishes for is the love and attention of three men.

Fate has a way of working things out. When the circumstances arise, she isn’t the only one who can’t deny the attraction, the need, the love that fate has in store.

May you enjoy Cherie’s journey. It’s going to be a whirlwind of a ride, but well worth the fight to have what her heart longs for.

Happy reading.




Cherie Combs smoothed her hands down the slim-fitting pencil skirt she wore. She had dressed to kill as usual, now that she was working for Grover Mills. His international marketing firm was one of the top five in the world, and here she was attending another board meeting. She couldn’t believe her luck. Going to that party two months ago and meeting an old friend from her college days was the best thing to happen to her lately. Suzette Mencer was gorgeous, assertive, professional, and knew the ins and outs of this business. She had taught Cherie so much in a short period of time.

Her new life was one to be proud of. She wished she could share it with her friends like Venetia, Rose, Gianna, Louisa, and Pina, but when she thought about them, and about her life back home, it made her feel like that was the old her. A woman suppressed, unable to break free and feel accomplished, only comfortable. Besides that, it reminded her of Randy, and of course Venetia’s brothers, Vincent, Salvatore, and Dante. Who never called her for a date. They lived in the same damn city now, and still nothing from them. She really thought they had made a connection in Hawaii. Guess she still was a bad judge of character.

She hadn’t seen any of them in months, and it had turned out to be better that way. When she never got a call from Vincent for the lunch date he suggested, she moved on and went to another party and wound up meeting Suzette. Her life had changed dramatically for the better because of that decision.

She swallowed hard and forced thoughts of Vincent and his brothers from her head. She lusted for them. Could see herself giving up her body, her heart, and soul to them, which scared the living hell out of her. Thank God, Vincent had never called her, or she would have done something stupid, like slept with him. Hell, with the three of them. It obviously wasn’t meant to be.

As she entered the board room, many male eyes fell upon her and a confidence grew within her.

She looked good. She had struggled at first, but pointers from Suzette, and the woman taking her under her wing, were lifesavers in this crazy cutthroat business world Cherie was now a part of. She was more professional, had begun to establish a positive and respectful reputation in the advertising and promoting business, and she was living a dream. In fact, this weekend she was contemplating going car shopping, and not at just any dealership. She was looking at Porsche, Mercedes, and BMW. She felt proud.

“Good morning, Cherie. You look amazing as usual,” Hal said to her, standing up and offering a chair beside him.

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