Love at Carlyle's

By: Dixie Lynn Dwyer

Love on the Rocks 8

Precious O’Connell is in hiding. She’s been betrayed, lied to, and used. She swears she’ll never trust again—until she enters Carlyle’s Bar and Restaurant. She is drawn to the town as well as her landlord, Cavanaugh, her training instructor at the dojo, Magnum, and her boss at the bar, Carlyle. Then she finds out they’re brothers and she isn’t exactly ready, or willing, to follow her heart or her gut and to trust them, never mind love them.

Precious is trying to keep her past a secret, but these three brothers have a way of drawing information out of her and making her want things she’s always feared. Living in a dream state and falling in love, she’s off her guard and her game when the men hunting her find her and take her away. She’s back on her own, fighting to survive and feeling like this time she will surely die, when the brothers come to her rescue and help her to end the danger—once and for all.


Dear readers,

Thank you for purchasing this legal copy of Love at Carlyle’s.

Precious is a very special character. She is tough, strong willed, and determined to survive and be independent despite all the barriers, danger, and heartache in her life.

After being betrayed not only by a friend but also by her sister, after all the sacrifices Precious made to protect her and raise her, it’s no wonder trust doesn’t come easy. Somehow, in a special town, among caring people with different pasts, she learns to fit in and feel like she could have a new life. Finding comfort, camaraderie, and even love at Carlyle’s changes her life forever. Her new loves may be possessive of her, but being in love for the very first time makes her just as possessive. She’ll risk her life to protect them and keep them out of harm’s way. Don’t be fooled by her sweet name. Precious is capable, well-trained, and filled with spunk, especially in the face of danger and when she knows there’s a possibility she might never see the three men she loves ever again.

May you enjoy her story. Happy reading.




Precious O’Connell kept hitting the punching bag. She was so fired up right now she could barely see straight. A jab, a right hook, a left hook, then a side kick to the bag. Over and over again she attacked the bag with vigor and precision. Her mind was caught up in a magnitude of controversy, upset, emotional turmoil. Goddamn it, Courtney, why? Why the hell did you get involved with these men?

Tears burned her eyes. She had worked her ass off since she was a kid, had to even work a regular job at sixteen to take care of her sister after their mom died of a heroin overdose. She put herself through community college and was lucky enough to get a scholarship based on her grades, the fact she was eighteen and had legal custody of her sister, and because they were dirt poor. She studied hard, got great grades, and played around with the stock market. She had a thing for numbers. So did her sister, but she used that ability to run rackets for some bad people. They bet on sporting events and games. Completely illegal, but profitable. Precious should know. When things were really bad, she made one bet, and it led to others. She used part of her scholarship money, five thousand dollars, and turned it into twenty. She then took the twenty and turned it into nearly forty. When she hit a hundred grand, she pulled out in the nick of time before the cops busted the racket.

“Goddamn, Precious, who the hell pissed you off this much tonight?” Benson asked. He was the boxing instructor at the gym she worked out at. They had a multitude of classes ranging from cardio kickboxing to self-defense and Jiu Jitsu. She hadn’t been there in a week because of the current situation Courtney placed her in. Courtney’s fellow thugs swung by her apartment looking for Courtney and by the bar Precious worked at. They were always trying to draw Precious in, force her to hook up with them and do business. She pulled back, trying to catch her breath as she looked up at Benson. He was tall, like six-foot-three, and built like a martial artist. He had a good fifteen years on her, and she considered him a friend. She didn’t have any others, and there was good reason for that, too.

He gave her shoulder a squeeze.

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