North of Light(133)

By: J.M. Paul

“Merry Christmas, Butterball.”



This book is the fruit of many hectic days, severe writer’s block, persistence, and hope. Noel and Connor’s story wouldn’t have seen the light of day without the encouragement and support of the following unicorns:

Cathy Weeks, Kim Bennett, Amy Ballard, Becky Wyble, Carrie Manning, Toni Clary, Darlene Watkins, Snoopy, Kerry Clucas, Tracy Clucas, Wino Weekend girls, Write or Die authors, Jenny Boyd, and so many others who were and are there for me.

As always, the biggest thank-you goes to my husband, who puts up with my absence without complaint while I play in the imaginary worlds of my characters. Who said yes—with little griping—when I asked to fly cross-country for a dream writer’s conference to check off so many bucket list items at once. And for his understanding when the idea of North of Light smacked me in the face while on a Thanksgiving eve date night. He patiently waited while I typed the opening scene along with several other details of a new Christmas story on my phone.

To everyone at the Write or Die conference in Seattle—thank you. I was floundering in the worst writer’s block of my career, and I found the encouragement, excitement, and inspiration I needed in a roomful of strangers who quickly became friends.

To my fellow author tribe—I couldn’t do this without your wisdom and knowledge and your generosity in sharing it. Thank you for keeping me sane. The writers community is a wonderful place to call home.

To my supremely talented editor, Jovana Shirley at Unforeseen Editing, who was beyond understanding when I had to postpone this manuscript for nearly a year—You are a saint! Thank you for always being so wonderful! It was fantastic meeting you in Seattle!

To my talented cover designer, Sarah Hansen at Okay Creations—Thank you. You make cover magic, girl.

And to you, my readers—You’re the real deal. Thank you for reading, for your loyalty, and for helping to spread the word about my stories. Without you, I’m just a girl writing about my imaginary friends living in a world that doesn’t exist. You bring them to life, and I love hearing and seeing your excitement over their antics. You fill my soul full. I heart you so big!

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