Their Sin City Showgirl

By: Dixie Lynn Dwyer

The American Soldier Collection 7: Their Sin City Showgirl

J.J. Jacobs is one sexy, undercover cop. A Vegas showgirl, she escaped death only to be hunted by the killer and his cohorts. Calder Murphy, Conway Lewis, Brook Lewis, and Lincoln Jones are retired Special Forces and set on keeping her alive, especially since others have failed her. She’s combative, untrusting, negative, and on the edge of a breakdown. She’s not convinced that they can be trusted, despite their military backgrounds, all those muscles, and take no prisoners attitudes.

Some sparring on the mat, combative personalities, sexual tension, and it’s the perfect combination for heated passion. But with her life on the line, and a need to capture a high profile killer, could their own fears and unwillingness to trust send her right into the pathway of the killer?


Dear Readers,

May you enjoy the latest addition to my American Soldier Collection.

Their Sin City Showgirl is a story about survival and learning to trust again.

Life has thrown J.J. some pretty difficult and frightful experiences, yet she trudges on, determined to be the strong, independent woman that has made her the best investigator and woman she can be.

Just as she feels like there’s no hope of surviving, or getting out of the major trouble she is in, Conway, Brook, Lincoln, and Calder enter her life, and immediately thrust her into their own protective custody. She’s keeping secrets. So are they. But she’ll soon realize that they are more than just soldiers trying to do a job. Just as they realize she is more than some troubled woman on the run, with a bull’s-eye on her forehead.

Sometimes, life’s circumstances cause one’s heart to close up, and forget how to love, how to trust, and to just feel. To learn to love again in little steps takes a higher power. To love for a minute, for an hour, for a day, may seem to be the most difficult task. And to learn to love for life may seem impossible.

Enjoy their journey.




“Please. This is not why I took this job. I’m not interested in this. Please.” Undercover Nevada State Police Detective, Marlee Davidson stated as she tried to undo the bindings on her wrists. In a flash, the tables had turned on her. There was no one around to call to for help. No one knew she was out at this hour. The lead she’d thought she had was a setup. That conniving little bitch, Tara, was part of this.

“Oh, you are interested. I can tell, and so can the others.”

He caressed her hair. When he’d first approached she’d had to do a double take. Then, of course, came the realization that he may know who she was. But he didn’t lead onto that. He toyed with her. She realized that this man was in fact a killer. She was shocked.

And she knew he was the killer because Tara had led her here. Marlee had thought that she was catching a break in the case. She’d figured out that whenever the McCues had a private party in the small back room of the casino, deals were going down. Men were placing their orders, but some big shots were fulfillling their fantasies.

She tried again unsuccessfully to pull her wrists from the bindings. It was no use. The fucker had gotten her. After years of training, working undercover, and finally proving to her commanders that she was capable of a mission like this, she’d fucked up.

The smack to the side of her head came out of nowhere, breaking her line of thought.

She gasped, and then sidestepped and tried to use her legs to defend herself.

“I thought you were special. When I saw you here, the new girl, the long red hair and pretty little figure, I knew I would have you. I planned this all out, ya know. The dim lights, the loud music. Now it’s time to play the game. You’re going to do exactly as I say. You’re smart. I know you know how to improvise,” he stated, and the expression on his face, and in his tone of voice, alerted her gut instincts immediately. Was her cover fully blown? Did he know she was working undercover. Oh, fuck. What am I going to do?

“No, I’m not going to do exactly what you say. I didn’t sign up for this. It’s not part of the job requirement working at the casino. Where’s McCue? He won’t let you do this,” she said and he struck her again.

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