Whatever It Takes

By: Christy Reece

A Grey Justice Novel


Chicago, Illinois

“I want to see my sister.”

The cool, abrupt statement had Frank Braden looking up from his desk. The girl in front of him was beautiful in a way so few chicks were these days. She had a fresh, innocent air about her. Laughable, considering her occupation.

“What makes you think your sister wants to see you? You’re not exactly on speaking terms, are you?”

She flinched slightly, knowing he spoke the truth. “She’s my sister. We may have our disagreements, but we still love each other.”

“You saw her a few months ago.” Frank didn’t bother hiding his smirk.

“That was more than a year and a half ago, and it was a recording. I want to see her in person.”

The fire in Alice’s light blue eyes intrigued him. The last few months she’d been acting like a whipped puppy, and while he needed her obedient, he didn’t want her to completely lose her spirit. Part of the fun in controlling his girls was the battle. Even though he would always win, he still liked a challenge.

“Maybe when I’m sure I can trust you again, I’ll consider it.”

“How much longer do you intend to keep using me as a…a…”

She trailed off, apparently uncomfortable describing her role. Frank had no such problem as he finished for her. “Whore?”

She flinched but then jerkily nodded. Yeah, she knew what she was.

“How old are you, Alice?”

“Almost twenty-two.”

His eyes slid up and down her body, taking in the short skirt, halter top, and mile-high stilettos. The girls didn’t like wearing the shoes, said they hurt their ankles and feet. Like he actually gave a damn.

After enjoying the scenery, he moved his gaze back to her face and saw icy hatred in her expression. No, she was most definitely not broken.

“I’d say you have a good five or six years left before you start to look like a used-up hag.”

The color bleached from her face. “You told me I could pay you back in a year. It’s been almost two. And I—”

“Changed my mind. I’m not tired of you yet.”

Truth was, when he was through with her, he’d sell her to make a little more money off her. Or, if she lost her looks, he’d just get rid of her altogether.

“Besides, after that stunt you pulled, you’re lucky I didn’t kill you. Cost me money to find you.”

“I’ve learned my lesson. I won’t run off like that again. I promise.”

Yeah, she’d learned her lesson, and the funny part was, he hadn’t even had to lift a finger. Not that she would ever know.

He narrowed his eyes, seared her with one of his ‘I mean business’ looks. “Good to know. Do something like that again and it won’t have as good an outcome.”

“Just, please, let me see Kathleen. I won’t tell her anything about…our arrangement. I just want to see her.”

Frank considered her for a few seconds. He didn’t like giving in to any of his girls’ requests. Give ’em one thing, next thing you know, they’re asking for something else. However, if he dangled seeing her sister in front of her like some kind of carrot reward, he could manipulate the situation to his liking.

“I’ll consider it. We’ll talk about it when you get back.”

“Get back?”

He picked up his iPhone from his desk. “Noon tomorrow, Finley Hotel, Room 2002. He’s paid for twenty-four hours. Wants the full treatment.”

She flinched again, but this time Frank hid his grin. No use pissing her off. She was going to need all her energy and stamina for tomorrow.

He glanced at the wall clock behind her head. “Probably be a good idea to get some sleep. You need to look your best for this client. He’s paying top dollar for you.”

Without a word, she started for the door.

“Wait. Before you go, bring me a brandy.”

Shooting him a withering look, she stomped to the bar, poured him a drink, came back, and slammed the glass onto his desk.

Frank grabbed her wrist, squeezed tight. “There’s a fine line between spirited and ill-mannered, baby. When you return from your overnighter, perhaps we should explore that line.”

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