Dangerous Secrets (Aegis Group Book 6)

By: Sidney Bristol


Ryan Scott frowned at the text from his housemate.

Get home ASAP.

He had no intention of going home tonight. His plans included his friend’s bar, drinking himself silly then finding a pretty girl to take him home. That was his standard end of gig routine. He lived for the weekends spent between the sheets. Hell, most of his housemates followed the same routine.

Vito could handle whatever shit had hit the fan. He was the responsible one, anyway.

A second text hit Ryan’s phone before he glanced away.

This is serious.


Vito wasn’t a drama queen. He had a solid handle on what was serious and what could wait.

Swinging by the house wouldn’t start Ryan’s night off to a disadvantage. He could see what had Vito’s panties in a twist and still make it to the bar before it was too late to find a lady for the night. Hell, maybe he could convince Vito to do some living of his own.

Ryan scrawled his signature on the printout of his report. He’d spent a week as protection detail doing nothing more than sitting outside of meeting rooms, being talked over and treated like scenery. Some wealthy people had nothing better to do than blow money on something to make themselves appear more important than they really were.

Maybe it was time he look at trying to get on one of the teams.

He’d been happy enough doing the solo gigs with the occasional big op that he hadn’t considered tossing his name in the ring when the four specialized branches of Aegis Group were being developed a few years ago. Now, he was wondering if he’d made a mistake.

His phone vibrated again.

“Popular guy tonight, huh?” Ian Kelly smacked Ryan in the shoulder.

“Something like that,” Ryan mumbled. “You going to Trinity Hall tonight?”

“Nah. Baby’s been keepin’ the wife up. I’m goin’ to watch the kids while her and my sister relax.”

“You’re no fun anymore, man.” Ryan stapled the report together and pushed to his feet.

“Guess it depends on what kind of fun you’re talkin’ about.” Ian grinned. “I’ll have you know that the little ladies of the house think I’m quite fun.”

“Because you let them paint your nails and shit.”

“It was a manly shade of red. Very manly.” Ian flashed his fingernails. Most of the red paint had scraped off.

Ryan shook his head and slid the report into the box for their boss to go over in time.

“Later.” He waved goodbye to Ian and the office manager on his way out the door.

He pulled out his phone and got in the elevator.

Maybe he’d change out of the suit. Ladies loved the look, but he was eager to break out shorts and flip-flops.

When will you be here?

“Fucking hell.” Ryan jabbed the call button at the same moment the doors opened up to the first floor. He exited into the building lobby and stepped out into the cool afternoon. A front was blowing in, and before much longer they’d have about five days of rain, but right now was nice.

“Where are you?” Vito asked.

“Shit. The phone didn’t even ring. What is going on?” Ryan strode through the parking lot toward his Mustang.

“Not on the phone.”

“Not on the phone, what? Seriously, Vito, spit it out.” Ryan was in no mood for bullshit. If this was some sort of prank organized by their other housemates, he was going to flay their asses.

“Are you leaving? When will you get here?” There was a tense edge in Vito’s voice. Of all the guys, Vito was the most somber. He didn’t do jokes, and he hardly knew how to laugh.

“Yeah, I’ll be there soon. Is something wrong with the house?” Ryan and his old roommate Vito had gone in on a large, five-bedroom house as a rental with three other newer hires from Aegis Group. Ryan barely knew the others outside of work. He wouldn’t be surprised if Alec got into it with one of the others and started something.


“Did you and Alec butt heads again?”

“Hurry up and get your ass here.”

Ryan ended the call and dropped into the driver’s seat.

What had his roommate spooked?

Vito had a history with the mob. He’d tried to go clean, breaking with his family’s expectations, but it had sucked him down and nearly cost him his life. There were times when Vito’s paranoia went overboard. Then there were the times that Vito’s sixth sense for death kept them all in the land of the living. Ryan had owed Vito a number of drinks for saving his neck over the last year.

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