Her Russian Billionaires #3 NIKO(2)

By: Susan Westwood

She smiled at him. “Better luck next time.”

She turned away, but he put a hand on her arm. “How about honesty instead of charm?”

She glanced down at his hand, but didn’t pull away. Her gaze traveled over him and he felt naked in front of her. Hopefully she liked what she saw, because his dick wanted to see more of her.

“Try me,” she said.

Her voice was husky. Sexy. A bedroom voice for sure. Despite her good diction, she’d seen a hard life up until now. Maybe he could, for one night, make her forget while she was making him forget.

“My partner was killed in front of me and I’ve lost my zest for my job. I want to take you home, strip you naked, and do dirty things to you so I forget the vision of my friend bleeding out.”

Her mouth dropped open slightly. Her eyes widened and he was sure he’d gone too far. Never tell the truth. Never. He should know that. He’d just given a piece of himself to this woman.

“Well, that was honest.”

“I could be lying,” he said.

She shook her head. “No, I can see the pain in your eyes.”

If it had been anyone else, he would have looked away, but this was a stranger. She could know some of his secrets because he wasn’t going to see her again.


Many men had hit on Destiny Brown, but this man was different. She believed his tale of woe. She really could see the pain in his eyes. The three shot glasses in front of him spoke volumes to her. She’d just come in for a drink.

That was all. She didn’t have to be anywhere until tomorrow at nine when she went into work to meet her boss’s son. The one who was going to take over the company. The one who she would have to bring up to speed.

She had needed a drink because her boss, the man who had given her a chance despite her roots, was dying and giving his son the company. She could hope that he was half the boss his father was, but she wasn’t optimistic.

She didn’t know what the man did for a living, but she doubted he’d run a company before. The learning curve would be tough and up to her to get him over it. She sighed. And this man, who wanted to take her to bed, was staring at her with puppy dog eyes.

She’d never picked up a man in a bar, but for some reason she trusted him. She held out her hand. “Destiny.”


His handshake was firm and she’d bet he was a man who got what he wanted. Well, he wanted her, and why the hell not? He was once again, going to get what he wanted.

She downed the rest of her drink then turned to him. “Shall we?”

His mouth dropped open. “You mean my honesty worked?”

“Yes. Have you never tried it before?”

“Uh, no.”

She laughed. She couldn’t help it. She didn’t think she’d be laughing tomorrow, so why not enjoy tonight? Her grandmother was tucked into bed by her health aid. No need for Destiny to rush home.

It had been awhile and she was itching to feel a man’s touch.

He downed his last two shots then dropped a bunch of bills on the bar. Some of those bills were twenties. She knew the shots didn’t cost that much, nor did her drink, so the bartender would be excited about his tip.

She was going to mention his money, but then shut her mouth. Wasn’t her business and her grandmother had taught her to mind her own beeswax.

“You drive. That way you’ll have your car in case I turn into a raving lunatic.”

“Does that happen often?” she said.

“No, but there’s always a first time.”

She laughed again. She took his hand and led him out to her car. It wasn’t much to speak of, but she was getting a new one, courtesy of an inheritance that should be in her bank in a week.

He didn’t say anything as he climbed into her car. She hadn’t noticed, but he was a large man. Now that they were in her compact, she realized that he was all muscle. She could hold her own in a fight, but he might actually be that much stronger than her.

“You having second thoughts?” he said.

She licked her lips. “You’re very big.”

“In every area, sweetheart.”

She liked the lopsided grin on his face. The statement should have been dirty, but that grin made it funny. “Glad to hear it.”

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