The Billionaire's Russian Prize

By: Riley Moreno

(Russian Billionaire Romance)

Fred Power was lonely and rich. “Why should I not have someone special in my life?” He said aloud. He wanted someone who he would have complete power over though. He’d been on plenty of dates with girls in the state. But all of them had this sense of; he didn’t know what to call it.

Fred considered most of the women he’d met rude. They always thought he was trying to run their lives. “I was trying to run their lives!” He admitted out loud. But that was just his personality. He had always liked to be the one in charge.

He knew he got it from his father, who had the same attitude in life and business as Fred did. Growing up there had always been pressure on Fred to perform above everyone else. Thankfully, he was intelligent and had no problem excelling at just about everything he did.

But his father’s attitude of being in control had imbedded itself inside of Fred and made it nearly impossible for him to find love.

That’s why at the moment he was in front of his computer looking at a mail order bride. It had started as a joke among him and a few of his friends. “Shit you should order a mail order Russian bride Fred. They’ll be someone who will be so happy to be out of their own country. You’ll be able to control her easily!” John had said to him.

Fred liked the idea, now he just had to find one who fit his idea of beautiful. Page after page he found the same thing. They were pretty enough, but just plain. He wanted a woman who was stunning. After all he thought he deserved the best. “Excel at everything son!” He could hear his father saying.

It seemed like hours before he finally came across her. Ivana A., she was 23 years old and had gorgeous black hair that looked amazingly silky, and these stunning green eyes. Fred starred at the picture he was immediately attracted to her. Her chocolate black skin looked amazing when he studied the picture closer.

Reading her profile he liked her more and more. “I’m the daughter of a simple man. Unfortunately my family is all gone and I’m left alone in a country where I am not happy. I would love to find a man who will treat me like a princess.”

“I can do that Ivana!” He commented and opened up the messaging option on the web page. She wasn’t online right now, but he wanted to create something that would seal the deal. He didn’t want to just order her right now, though he could. Money was not a problem. Fred had billions in the bank and each month made just about that amount on his investments.

“I want to find out a bit more about her first though.” He thought. In reality, though he was very tempted to simply just send her a ticket for her passage over. He had heard a few things about scams on these sites so he wanted to make sure she was real before proceeding.

Fred thought about what to put down on this message. Finally it seemed to come to him how to begin.

Hello Ivana,

My name is Fred Powers. I am a rich man, a billionaire from Atlanta Georgia. I’m a decent man; I stand 6’ 1” tall and weigh 201 pounds. I work out a lot so there is very little fat on my body. But I love to eat, so I have to spend quite a bit of time in the gym, on some days.

He stopped and looked down at what he had so far. He liked it. He thought it offered a bit of humor, so she wouldn’t think he was some stick in the mud. But he also didn’t want to sound desperate.

I’ve not had any luck finding a good woman in the states. Even though as you can tell from my picture I am a good looking guy (Fred looked for one of his best pictures). Perhaps in a personal chat I could explain the reasons for my failure so far in finding love. I can offer you a life where you will never desire something that I cannot buy.

He looked again, “Does that last bit seem a bit too desperate?” He asked himself. “Maybe it’s more flaunting of my money!” He left it and moved on.

I’d like to find out a bit more about you and possibly send you a ticket so that we can be married as soon as possible.

Stopping he deleted the last line, that was for sure something that would come across the wrong way.

I hope we can set up some time that we may chat and learn some more about one another. I’d love to see more pictures if you have them available.

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