Billionaire's Second Chance Triplets

By: Ella Brooke

Chapter One


Kit had the tiniest little waist and the proudest, most glorious ass. Her hips were perfectly grabbable, and she moved them with a fluid ease that caught Grant’s gaze and kept it. That was how, at his mother’s charity auction to raise money for the hospital, he ended up in an unused closet, fingering a girl he remembered vaguely from his pre-calc class.

She had been smart and quiet then, and he’d thought, one of the chunky girls. As it turned out, she’d simply worn a lot of oversized clothes in high school, never dressing up, even on picture day. Seeing her now with both of them in college and Kit filling out a striking red dress exquisitely, Grant had to have her.

He’d come over to talk, then to tease, and then to draw her away from the glittering party for a heated kiss. Kit had hesitated at first, but soon she was rubbing against him eagerly.

“I always had a crush on you in high school,” she admitted.

Grant didn’t want to admit that he’d thought of her as a chubby nerd. Especially since he’d been so wrong. He carded his fingers through her silky red hair and kissed her lips possessively.

“I was an idiot in high school,” he replied breathily.

“Who says you’re not one now? We’re in a closet at our parents’ auction.” Kit smirked. “What’s your game plan here?”

Grant decided it would be better to show, not tell, and he slipped his hand up the slit in her dress. His eyebrows rose as she jumped a little when his fingers touched the silk of her panties. He rubbed the fabric slowly for a moment, looking into her eyes for a sign to continue. She shuddered and squeezed his arm, nodding.

The tightness around his fingers was one thing that he had definitely expected. Kit was so wound up that he wouldn’t have been shocked to find a diamond up there. That she needed a minute of coaxing before he could add another finger was to be expected.

Wriggling on the end of his fingers like a caught salmon, Kit bit back a moan. There was nothing sexier to Grant than watching a woman turned on. He loved their sounds, their sighs, the way they bucked their hips or maybe mewled a little needfully when he really got them going. He loved the scent of a woman’s arousal, and he loved being the one to make it happen.

Grant sucked on Kit’s neck, and she gasped and pushed her hand against his.

“Shh shhh…” he teased.

“Grant,” she begged.

His fingers were slick as he stroked the sides of her vulva eagerly. She was too sensitive to really come at her clit head on, so his fingers played up and down the sides, and his thumb circled just above, increasing the pressure all around so that when she came, her knees buckled.

Her face tensed as the pleasure came rushing through her. Having a woman come undone through his touch was such a joy. Grant chuckled deep in his throat as he kissed her again and again.

“So, do you like my plan?”


Speechless. Perfect.


They didn’t see one another again until his father held a party for the head surgeons at their house, and Kit’s family was invited because Jack Wharton, head of cardiology, only wanted Catherine Hardwick as his anesthesiologist. Grant’s mother had sneered silently at the inclusion on the guest list. With her, it was surgeon or bust, but Jack was particular about his O.R., and that meant having the scrub nurses he wanted and the anesthesiologist he wanted and every piece of surgical equipment placed just so.

“You always want to surround yourself with people who will ensure your success,” Jack said, examining one of the caterer’s fried squash blossoms. “Some people don’t get that. They want to have weak people around them. Followers. They think that makes them seem stronger, but it’s the opposite.”

At the time, Grant had nodded, planning what to do when he saw Kit.

As it turned out, Kit had the plan this time. She’d spotted him across the room and smiled so cunningly… Grant had no choice but to follow, his erection pressing uncomfortably against his dress pants. When he’d reached her, she was sitting on the edge of his bed, licking her lips and brushing the edge of a condom wrapper along the lace of her sweetheart neckline.

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