Married To a Greek Tycoon

By: Lucy Monroe

Chapter One


The word loomed in Anna’s mind like the Hollywood sign on the hills above L.A., each letter as tall as a building, the stark white a perfect contrast to the darkness of her thoughts.

Soon, the doctor would call and confirm her total failure in the wife stakes. Because no Greek man wanted a woman who could not bear him children as his wife, especially not a man as powerful and proud as Loukas Stefanos. Her husband.

But for how long?

The scent of honeysuckle teased her senses and the sea blue of the Mediterranean glistened in the distance. A view that usually gave her pleasure now taunted her with how soon she would be leaving it behind. She had no choice. She would not burden Loukas with an infertile wife.

It wouldn’t be fair.

He’d married her because he enjoyed her company and it was a prudent business move considering who her father was.

It wasn’t his fault she had fallen in love with her Greek tycoon husband or that she had been unable to conceive in the two years of their marriage.

His father’s comments at the celebration dinner for their second anniversary had prompted her to approach her doctor for fertility tests.


Yorgos slapped Loukas on the back. “Well, my son. Two years is long enough for any marriage to get settled. It is time you gave me some grand children.”

Anna’s stomach knotted with tension as it did every time the subject of children was raised because contrary to what Yorgos clearly believed, neither she nor Loukas had ever done anything to prevent conception. She’d wanted children right away, craving a family different than the divided household she had grown up in.

A television actress, her mother had insisted on maintaining her independent life in Hollywood. Anna’s father, a traditional Greek man, married more closely to his wealth and power than his wife, had chosen to live his life in Greece, visiting Hollywood when time permitted.

Loukas smiled at his father, but his hand settled reassuringly on her knee under the table. “I am in no hurry.”

Yorgos turned his attention to Anna, his expression not quite so jovial. “What is the matter? Do you not wish to make my son a bampas?”

She hated these questions. How was she supposed to answer? “Yes, of course I want to make Loukas a father.”

“But there is plenty of time,” her husband smoothly inserted, preventing his father from asking the question she could see lurking in his gray eyes.

Why then was she not pregnant?

The comforting hand became a caressing hand and familiar shivers of sensation almost drowned out the feelings her father-in-law’s words provoked. Almost, but even the passion that ran red hot between them could not completely stamp out her sense of failure as a woman.

She wanted to be a mother.

“Perhaps I will have to leave my company to Tanek, heh? He and Cassia have two strapping boys already and if I am not mistaken, good news again?”

The older man winked at a now blushing Cassia.

Tanek laughed and kissed his wife’s cheek. “I do not understand how you know practically before I do, Uncle Yorgos, but Cassia is indeed pregnant.”

Something shifted across Loukas’s face, an emotion Anna did not want to name. He removed his hand from her knee to hug his cousin and congratulate the other man.

Later in the car, she used the cover of darkness to ask the questions that had been tormenting her for months.

“Loukas, is it really that important for us to have children?”

She didn’t ask if he had any guesses on why they had never conceived. She had asked that once and he had dismissed her worries with the assurance that she would become pregnant when God willed it.

“What do you mean?”

“Your father threatened to leave his company to your cousin. Would he really do that?”

Loukas shrugged. “I do not know. It is possible. It is very important for a Greek man to know he is leaving a legacy. If he thought I would not father children to leave the company to, he might do it.”

The knots of tension that had started at dinner tightened until she felt cramps in her lower abdomen. Her empty womb. “What if you don’t father any children?”

“That is not going to happen. You will become pregnant when the time is right.”

“How can you be so sure?”

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